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In the small courtyard played the "poverty alleviation song"

2017-05-17 16:23

The newspaper news (reporter Pakistan and correspondent Qiao Lianjun) April 17th, Ji Xiuhong Huang Zhai Zhen Cao Lou Cun in Shangshui County home, the reporter saw Ji Xiuhong's two rooms neatly installed 10 new electric sewing machine, 10 middle-aged women left behind are constantly processing clothing. Ji Xiuhong told reporters: "I should call this small number of poverty alleviation garment factory, or xiaoxifu engineering garment factory, as 15 of women's employment in this small factory is the village of poor households, and the 10 new electric sewing machines are the village Party Secretary yuan Qinglai help us from clever daughter-in-law engineering office apply to the whole machine is provided free of charge. Our clothing is also an order from the village of Gu Jia Clothing Co., Ltd. we do not invest, only to earn processing fees, monthly income of more than 2500 yuan per person."

An interview accompanied by Cao Lou village Party branch secretary Yuan Qinglai said: "the Cao Lou Cun is a state-level poverty-stricken village, the village more than 5400 people, 12 villages, the village founder Garment Co. Ltd., fishing net factory, gravel dew agriculture cooperatives, more than 200 women left behind at home engaged in garment processing, 54 cattle households concentrated in agriculture cooperatives exposed gravel unified cattle, more than 1000 elderly, left behind women engaged in fishing processing. Ji Xiuhong supply two college students to go to school, the family financial difficulties, in order to help her out of poverty, I have applied for 10 electric sewing machines for her through the "project of a wife of law" project, and 15 poor families can realize poverty alleviation in two years." Huangzhai town Party Secretary Zhu Hongwei told reporters: "the fishing net industry Huangzhai town as farmers and poor households out of poverty to grasp, at present, the town engaged in fishing processing of the elderly and women left behind nearly million people, per capita annual fishing net income on the yuan."

Walking into the small farm yard of Shu Zhuang Town, most of the women left behind were left to do plush toys in their own homes. Queen Liu Hua left behind women into Joe Village home, a two storey building was built very beautiful. Wang Liuhua's electric sewing machine was installed in a room window, listening to songs and knitting plush toys. Speaking of poverty getting rich, Wang Liu Hua excitedly said: "married years ago, I work in Dongguan, has been doing is processing plush toys.". After marriage and having kids can't go to work, with the mother-in-law aged hemiplegia, Claudia poor, the house is broken, in the village is a poor households. The beginning of 2013, I installed the electric sewing machine at home, engaged in processing plush toys, toys factory Wang Xun to provide equipment, materials for us, we only earn processing fees, because of technical proficiency, and to get up early in, the monthly income of 3500 yuan, 4 years is not out of the house by processing plush toys made twelve thirty thousand yuan plus, the husband went out to work to earn money, we will invest 180 thousand yuan to build the house, get rid of poverty hat, lived a happy life." There are more than 1000 women staying at home in the home village, such as Wang Wei, who are engaged in processing plush toys. They are all left behind women who are unable to go out to work because of their small children. The equipment and raw materials needed by the women left behind are provided by the toy factory of Shu township. "We now have 15 Xiang toy factory, are migrant workers founded, of which 4 toy factory is a large scale, xiaoxifu demonstration projects, providing a total of more than 2000 jobs for the left behind women, 260 poor families rely on women toys processing poverty. Wang Xun, a toy factory founded by the deputies to the people's Congress of the county, provides more than 400 women who are left behind and provide jobs for poor families every year. The national poverty village migrant workers Zhu Village founder Du Yanmei Ruihan toy factory arrangement village women left behind 50 people, including poor women left behind 20 people, per capita monthly income of 3000 yuan." Shu Township Mayor Hu Dehua told reporters.